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Just can't find the exact colour carpet you're looking for?  Why not let us make it for you.

Introducing, Quality Colour Match™ the exclusive yet affordable bespoke carpet colour matching service from QualityCarpetsDirect.

How it works:

Simply send us a sample of the colour that you would like to match and we do the rest. For example you could send us:
  • A pantone colour
  • A fabric swatch
  • A wallpaper sample
  • A paint tester
  • A company logo or headed paper
As soon as we receive your sample we dye the yarn to the exact colour that you sent us, we will then send you a free carpet sample known as a Pom (about an inch by an inch). After measuring and estimating your room, we then custom make your carpets, we also offer a full fitting service. This normally takes around 6 weeks from start to finish. Minimum size is only 25m2 total (based on a 4/5m wide carpet). An average room based on 25m2 room will cost including luxury underlay, fitting, delivery etc around £1500 inc VAT.
Average room cost only £1500
We can create millions of colours
Send us a colour and we'll match it


  • The carpet is a plain 80/20 British wool
  • The carpet is a 50oz pile weight
  • Heavy domestic & Heavy commercial rated (suitable for offices and hotels)
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • 4 & 5 metre widths available

This is a brand new, affordable, bespoke service only available through QualityCarpetsDirect.
quality-colour-match If you would like more information on the Quality ColourMatch service please call our hotline on 029 2088 9184 or email us at